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Healthy Habits that boost your Metabolism

How can we “rev up” our metabolism in a healthy way so that our body uses the appropriate calories needed to maintain a healthy weight?  It seems like we are continuously searching for a “magic” fix.  Well, it may not be as difficult as we perceive it to be!  Altering daily lifestyle and dietary choices can help pave the way to a healthier you. 

When we think of burning calories, we think exercise, exercise, and MORE exercise!   Muscle burns more calories per hour than fat.  Lifting weights or weight bearing exercises are a great way to build or preserve lean muscle mass, therefore keeping our metabolism going strong.

But exercise alone cannot do the trick!  We need to focus on our nutritional habits as well.  By eating protein and fiber rich foods which are harder to digest and require more work by our bodies to breakdown, we burn more calories. Along with that, if we can eat several small meals frequently throughout the day, we can keep our metabolism constant. 

Lastly, it is true that rest does a body good!  Making sure you get adequate sleep prevents your resting metabolism from slowing down which is an important factor in determining total calories burned daily. 

Following the tips mentioned above, can give our metabolism the kick it needs to stay where we want it.