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What are the hours of operation?

You will be seen by appointment only. These appointments are prescheduled at a mutually agreed time. Appointments are booked weekday afternoon through evening and Saturdays, morning through early evening. 

What can I expect in a consult session?

During a consultation a Registered Dietitian will meet with you, understand your health concerns and assess your nutritional status then determine a suitable plan treatment plan which is executed step by step over multiple sessions. She will ensure that the plan is suited to your lifestyle and budget. 

How long in advance do I need to cancel my appointment?

A 24 hour cancellation notice is required 

What is the cost for a consultation package?

Cost of Packages varies based on the needs, duration and treatment plan of the individual. We do have smaller packages for the economical budget 

What is included in the cost of consultation packages?

Most packages offer many services ranging from health profile analysis, nutrient intake analysis,
Nutritional requirement assessment, metabolic function evaluation, grocery shopping guidance, meal plans with recipes and motivational support and progress tracking. 

What methods of payment are accepted?

All major credit cards are accepted. Check and cash payments are also acceptable 

What dietary concerns can my Registered Dietitian address?

A Registered Dietitian is a trained professional who can assess your health status, your nutritional needs for your current status as well and the appropriate foods for your assessed needs. She will also be your health coach and counsellor guiding you to keep your health on track

Will my Registered Dietitian teach me how to shop and cook?

Lifestyle skills and behaviors are an integral part of your program. She can provide you and your family the guidance you need every step of the way you handle food – from grocery shopping, cooking, meal planning and more. 

What is the core philosophy of the nutrition practices and advice given to me?

The philosophy is centered on personalizing the plan to your unique psychosocial and lifestyle needs, metabolic and physiological needs based on the principles of nutrigenomics or ‘foods and nutrition for gene type’