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Fact is, what you eat has a profound influence on your health. It could be as simple as feeling tired….. or the dreaded widening of the waistline….. or the seriously soaring cholesterol levels. Poor nutrition can not only cause such conditions but lead to chronic degenerative illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis and certain types of cancer.

If you are tired of carrying all those extra pounds, then let us help you shed them and experience a surge of energy. Whether you want to slim down… prevent disease… have more energy… or just look and feel better, our dietitian at HealthWise Nutrition Consulting can provide you with professional and scientific support to overcome your health challenges.

Package Offers

To meet your ever-changing needs, we offer a variety of packages designed to improve your health.

Success Stories

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We’ve come up with a product line of supplements that have been designed by a Registered Dietitian.

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Nutrition Counseling

If you want to fight disease, control your body weight, and be more energized on a day to day basis, you need to pay more attention to the foods that you eat. Our counseling sessions with an experienced dietitian are geared to provide you with effective eating and grocery shopping tips that start to nourish you at the cellular level. These sessions are done one-on-one in an office setting but you are welcome to bring a family member or friend for additional support.

Healthful Cooking Demos

Feel like you want to eat healthy but your taste buds always win out when it comes to making smart food choices? If so, you need a lesson in healthy cooking. Our healthful cooking demos will prove to you that with the right cooking techniques and recipes, you can eat great tasting food that is also healthy. It doesn’t have to be either/or. You really can have both.

Personalized Meal Plans

If you need help and assistance with your diet, our customized meal plans will give you everything that you need. Meal plans are designed around your taste buds, lifestyle, food preferences, and eating habits. You will be provided with recipes and cooking tips to support your nutritional needs identified.
All questions will be answered and you’ll walk out with a new plan in place.

Dietary Supplement Needs

It’s no secret that there are literally thousands of different products out there that you can choose from. So who can blame you for feeling overwhelmed? We’ll help you cut through the clutter and find the specific products that will help you see the results you want – all without breaking the bank.

Success Stories

“Losing weight with Sue was easy – I got to eat the foods I liked with some modifications, and I have learned weight loss skills that will last a lifetime. A combination of personal guidance and examples of healthy food choices helped me achieve my goal of losing 20 lbs.”

– Isabella, Concord

“After years of my weight yo-yo-ing up and down, I finally feel like I have changed my lifestyle instead of just dieting. Sue does a great job in guiding you through making a gradual change you need to effectively change your eating habits. She does a great job of getting to know you and tailoring her approach to each individual. Her program is great for anyone looking to get off the fad diet roller coaster. I have lost over 50lbs but the best part is that I feel like Sue has given me the tools to keep it off for good.”

– Mike

“With Sue’s guidance, I followed the ‘health for life’ nutrition tips. I learned food selections for my grocery list, meals prepared at home and how to make the right choices at restaurants. I dropped 10% body fat, excess weight and have improved energy levels. Feels so GOOD!!”

– Rita, Concord

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Our Approach

Wondering what makes us different? When you choose to work with us, you will get personalized advice designed to help you see success. Most diet plans are based on a cookie-cutter approach designed for the average individual. We realize you are not average.

You are unique and have your own needs and preferences and these must be addressed. With our programs, we will empower you to make smarter food decisions yourself. Your body will automatically shed extra pounds as your metabolism is enhanced through the delivery of proper nutrients. You will find yourself eating more of the right foods so deprivation and hunger never enter the picture.

We base our approach on the science of Nutrigenomics, which is eating for your gene type. When you match the right foods to your own natural make-up, success unfolds. You feel energized, you feel healthy, and your body weight moves towards its natural healthy level.

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