Client Testimonials – Our Success Stories


Client Testimonials – Our Success Stories

"Very cutting edge, discovered healthy foods that I did not know existed. Excellent service with great personal touch. My plan was customized just for me & helped me control my diabetes, blood pressure & lose all the extra pounds. Would highly recommend it for all-round health benefits."

- Sally, Pittsburg

“Losing weight with Sue was easy – I got to eat the foods I liked with some modifications, and I have learned weight loss skills that will last a lifetime. A combination of personal guidance and examples of healthy food choices helped me achieve my goal of losing 20 lbs.”

– Isabella, Concord

Sue helped me get my life back on track. As a lifelong competitive athlete I was disappointed when I struggled to lose weight after having my son. I was swollen, had joint pain and severe headaches. I decided to reach out to Sue, who had briefly helped me before. She listened, laid out a plan and I began my journey. Over the past one year I have changed my lifestyle and feel great. I never counted calories, never read food labels, never starved
myself. Instead I balanced my plate, discovered a few new foods and believed in myself. My experience has been fantastic. There is no pressure and you are only as successful as you allow yourself to be. I’m down 30 pounds and am training for my next half Marathon. I’m feeling great!

– Marie, Walnut Creek

“With Sue’s guidance, I followed the ‘health for life’ nutrition tips. I learnt food selections for my grocery list, meals prepared at home and how to make right choices at restaurants. I dropped 10% body fat, excess weight and have improved energy levels. Feels so GOOD!!”

– Rita, Concord

“I began seeing Sue Deepak in September, and it was one of the best decisions I have made. I feel great, the numbers on the scales have dropped…significantly,AND I know what is going into my body. She has a reasonable approach to attaining proper nutrition, and is qualified, friendly, and supportive. Her method is not “crash and burn”, but “slow and steady”. Sue never tells you what to do rather she gently nudges you back on track. This is important for someone like me who hates to be told what to do. I give Sue two thumbs up, five stars and a happy face. I would refer her to anyone!”

– Mary, Oakland

“I found Sue through the internet. She made everything very simple and helped me understand how to eat healthy and meet my goals in the time expected. Thank you Sue.”

– Tina, Orinda

“Sue Deepak’s program is highly informative, healthy, persuasive and successful. I lost weight, improved my metabolism and look better too!”

– Oliver, Walnut Creek

“Fortunately I discovered Sue Deepak while I had a health issue and gained some weight. I was unable to lose it on my own. She provided me with a wealth of knowledge about proper eating for weight management, health and nutrition. She offers a plan for lifelong healthy living, not just to lose weight. I lost the weight with Sue’s coaching and advice and learnt much more in the process. Each session consisted of great recommendations for meals based on my lifestyle and tastes and included suggestions for challenging situations I encounter in daily life. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend Sue Deepak to anybody seeking a health coach that works with you individually and provided knowledge, encouragement and lots of useful information to help you on your path.”

– Adina, San Francisco

“I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to intern with Sue Deepak as part of dietetic internship. She introduced me to her exciting business which involves counseling medical nutrition therapy and wellness clients, consulting for food industry, hosting corporate wellness events, and lectures. She taught me how to develop a business plan and shared with me what she learned from doing so. She challenged me to think creatively and how I approach business to ensure my personal needs are met by my future endeavors. I am forever indebted to Sue for the life and business lessons she taught me which my internship would not have otherwise provided. My weeks with Sue were the most meaningful weeks of my whole 50 week internship!

Thanks Sue!”

– Leslie, Boston

“Sue helped me eat much healthier which resulted in a dramatic weight loss which was my initial goal. I was very happy with HealthWise Nutrition Consulting, the money is definitely worth it!”

-Jenny, Concord

“After years of my weight yo-yoing up and down, I finally feel like I have changed my lifestyle instead of just dieting. Sue does a great job in guiding you through making a gradual change you need to effectively change your eating habits. She does a great job in getting to know you and tailoring her approach to each individual. Her program is great for anyone looking to get off the fad diet roller coaster. I have lost over 50lbs but the best part is that I feel like Sue has given me the tools to keep it off for good.”

– Mike

“We heard about Ms.Deepak through Dr.Eric Gracer. Ms.Deepak was very informative and made herself accessible via email and text which was very valuable when we wanted to know about certail foods recommended by friends. The food journal was awakening, and I saw how many carbohydrates I chose over vegetables, I could more easily see my craving problems.

Ms.Deepak was very patient and non-judgemental which made addressing my diet a little less embarrassing. Her clinical approach with blood and urine testing gave me another view of how my body was responding to the foods I ate. With the focus on better health and not necessarily weight loss, I was able to lose over 30 lbs on Ms.Deepak’s nutritional program that included vitamins and exercise to supplement my diet changes. The good thing: I was never hungry. I snacked often but in less quantity, I purchased more greens, learned to appreciate soups and was able to make restaurant choices. I just learned to care about what I ate that tastes good and is good for you, and now I have developed some good habits that prevent me from overloading on processed foods or carbs.

By the end of the program, I was able to cook and purchase foods that taste good and speed up my metabolism. My blood pressure dropped and I was able to stop medications as well. I highly recommend Ms. Deepak.”

– Mark, San Ramon


Hello Sue –

Thank you for checking in.

Mom is doing really well. Her potassium level is under control – it’s at 4.2 (from originally being at 5.5). It’s been that now for quiet a while. She has also lost 25 lbs. It’s been a long and very hard road for her but with amazing results.

Thank you so much for all your help. The diet has been the key to her now success.

– Anna

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