Nutrition Services for Physicians

Physician Services
Physician’s time can be stretched thin to cover comprehensive nutrition support. A convenient alternative is now available to you at HealthWise Nutrition Consulting. Our dietitians can provide Medical Nutrition Therapy to your patients using evidence-based nutrition practice guidelines & protocols for interventions to ensure consistency, success & quality care.

Nutrition consultations may be performed in a single session or extend over several sessions to comprise a program that teaches lifestyle changes for improved health.

Our Registered Dietitians provide quality care for many diseases and conditions including:

  • Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Diabetes
  • GI Disorders
  • Renal Disease
  • Weight Management

Medical Nutrition Therapy Services will typically include:

  • Complete Assessment of Clinical Status
  • Assessment of Nutritional Intake/Requirements
  • Patient Understanding of Lab Tests
  • Patient Understanding of Food as Part of Treatment
  • Patient Understanding of Food/Nutrient interactions
  • Guidance to Patients with Meal Planning
  • Guidance to Patients with Food Preparation
  • Adaption to Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes
  • Guidance with Eating Out/Holiday Eating
  • Nutrition Education to Patient Family/ Patient Groups

Nutrition Care Process for your patients will involve following steps:

  1. You, the physician, sends written referral to RD, stating MNT objective (Forms provided)
  2. Patient makes an appointment to visit RD
  3. RD requests for patient data, medical records from your office
  4. RD interviews patient/client and performs a nutrition assessment
  5. RD and patient determine goals and nutrition plan of care with emphasis on MNT objective
  6. Individualized plan of intervention with detailed meal plan
  7. Send copy of Nutrition Plan and documentation to your office.
  8. Maintain communication with patient and physician during the process.

For more details about our Nutrition Services for Physicians, please call 925-232-6004.

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