Wellness Program Package Offers

You can optimize your nutritional needs for wellness or chronic health conditions with our personalized programs. To meet your ever-changing needs, we offer a variety of different packages designed to improve your current health state. These include:

Primary Wellness Plan
This plan includes five, one hour sessions with the dietician along with a completely personalized meal plan. You will also receive Healthy nutritionfood selection assistance with a grocery store visit and a detailed analysis of your health profile. In it, you will receive the following services:

  • Body composition test
  • Urine analysis
  • Body measurements
  • Food intake analysis
  • Nutritional requirements evaluation
  • Printed report of all the analysis
  • Custom grocery list
  • Personalized exercise plan
  • Nutrition supplement requirements
  • Progress reports

Comprehensive Health Optimizing Plan

Includes all of the EZ WELLNESS plan plus:

Metabolic function Evaluation with several additional follow-up consultations. The focus is to monitor, support, facilitate lifestyle changes and track progress all the way. Involves assessment of progress, view obstacles in following the plan, assess efficacy of results and fine tune the plan for expected progress. Suitable recipes that fit your life style are provided. This Plan includes Behavior modification techniques, menu modification, supplement and excercise recommendations. Consultation with the dietitian: 10 to 12 sessions. ( Short Term Program) or 14 to 18 sessions (Long Term Program)

Ongoing Health Optimizing Plan

Roles out the complete MAX-WELLNESS PLAN Plus revising menus and goal targets. Simple and quick healthy recipes and dining out tips. And an additional exclusive feature – lab testing to elucidate treatment and target therapy. Consultations with the dietitian: 20 visits (or more if required).

Maintenance Plan

Includes all the above. Additional consultations in progressive steps to fit the NEW you. Readjustment of meal plan, to maintenance requirements, workout program and monthly visits. Consultations with the dietitian :

3 Visits – Stabilizer OR
6 Visits – Sustainer

*Note that for long term results, we recommend that you follow these plans in sequential order in effort to optimize your current health state.

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