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Herbs To The Rescue

        The phenomenal focus on healthy eating is constantly shining a light on calorie control, cholesterol, and sodium caution. While reductions of these can relieve some of the symptomologies of modern-day degenerative ailments, it leaves the taste buds deprived of the oomph in the food. Not only that, there’s hardly a mention of what better replacements for those ingredients like salt and butter in your food or recipes could add the taste back but even have added-value to the food ‘Herbs’ is the word.

        Consider a Fresh Herb Garden for flavorful, aromatic appetizing, and nutritious meals and snacks. Most common herbs are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Most also contain bioactive compounds like carotenoids, lutein, zeaxanthin, and more. Fresh parsley can relieve arthritic and gout pains and is a blood detoxifier. Fresh holy basil can fight fever, cold, cough, sore throat, and respiratory tract infections. Fresh or dry turmeric powder is ant arthritic, detoxifies the liver, natural pain reliever, and aids fat metabolism and weight control. Fresh thyme is yet another anti-bacterial, anti-fungal helpful for candida thrush, skin infections, colds, soar throat bronchitis, and flatulence-fresh rosemary is great in relieving tension headaches, flatulence, aids digestion and improves memory. Fresh oregano – the pizza taste enhancer, has anti-aging properties related to skin health and vision. It improves cardiovascular health-lowers cholesterol and bone health. Fresh watercress is loaded with vitamins and minerals that aid with bone and heart health. It has medicinal benefits for kidney stones, blood detoxification, asthma, and fertility enhancement.

Start improving the nutritional power of the foods you eat by adding Fresh Herbs to cooking, garnishing finished dishes, or simply juicing with other raw vegetable blends and have as a drink.