Medical Nutrition Therapy

Medical Nutrition Therapy is offered by a Registered Dietitian who is a food and nutrition expert. You will receive a comprehensive assessment of your nutritional status and nutritional approaches to improve your health. We have a wide range of programs for health conditions listed below.

Weight Control Nutrition (WCN) – Discover how to eat in order to maintain a healthy body weight at all times, while maximizing your energy level.

Peak performance nutrition
Peak Performance Nutrition (PPN) – If you want to push the boundaries on your physical fitness level, this nutrition plan can help. You’ll noticed enhanced muscle definition, better sport/activity performance, and faster recovery rates.

Heart Health Nutrition (HHN) – If heart health is a concern for you, this meal plan will help you improve your lipid profile, lower your cholesterol level, improve your triglyceride level, and get your blood pressure to a normal range. Diet is one of the strongest defences against heart problems.

picture of kidneys
Kidney Health Nutrition (KHN) If you have kidney disease, this plan will help you manage your condition from stage 1 to 5. In addition to that, this service is also applicable for those who have undergone a kidney transplant.

Diabetic testing blood glucose
Diabetes Control Nutrition (DCN) – Learn how to effectively manage your blood sugar levels, keep your energy stable, and control other risk factors associated with diabetes through proper nutrition

Digestive Health Nutrition (DHN) – If you regularly experience heart burn, irritable bowel syndrome, gluten sensitivity, or any other digestive issues, this program can help ease those symptoms and get you feeling well again.

Liver health
Liver Health Nutrition (LNH) – For anyone that has liver disease or is worried about an unhealthy liver, this diet will help you manage or combat hepatitis C, cirrhosis, as well as fatty liver disease.
We can assist you with much more than nutrition therapy…. grocery store tours and kitchen/pantry organization help is available to equip you with well-rounded understanding of achieving your health goals.

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